Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

As some faithful followers may have realised this blog normally focus on games released for platforms such as PC,  Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 in this post the focus is instead going to be on Nintendo 3Ds.

Cover Art

Cover Art

Luigi, from the much loved Mario and Luigi series has, in this game, embarked upon an adventure of his own, come 24th March 2013.  This game, published by Nintendo and developed by Next Level Games will see Luigi confront his own fears of ghosts and a haunted mansions, clue being in the game title.


Professor E. Gadd. has assigned Luigi a mission, he must return all of Gadd’s ghosts to him after his, once friendly ghosts which he did research on in a valley have turned evil due to the Dark Moon shattering and are now loose.  Armed with Poltergust 5000, a ghost-sucking, vacuum-like invention, which proves to be a vital piece of equipment, and the objects around him Luigi must solve unique puzzles and a variety of actions all while keeping his nerves to a minimum as he goes off into the night exploring mansions filled with ghosts withdrawing his fear and capture the ghosts. However the ghosts themselves have several tricks to rely upon and  prevent this.

Exclusive Mode

Nintendo has also released that this game will feature a multi-player mode of up to 4 players. Featuring not only ‘local multi player mode’ where the players have to be close by, this game is also able to support an online and download mode.  It all sounds good however  the download function removes some features.  Personally I like how friends do not need to own a copy of this game, to join you on your mission, they do however need to own a 3Ds.  To see what the multi player mode will look like in action view the IGN “Multi player: Hunter Mode” at the end of this post.

Multi Player Mode

Multi Player Mode


As this game is exclusive for 3DS some of the images, while playing the game, will be truly captivating in 3D.

Ghosts await

Ghosts await

Luigi with his faithful Poltergust 5000

Luigi with his faithful Poltergust 5000


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