Sony PS4 Announcement today!!

In just a few short hours the world shall lay eyes upon the new PlayStation 4, or ‘Orbis’ if you would like the working title.  I’m unbelievably excited to see not only what this console will look like, but also which of the rumors we will see become real.  At 6 p.m. in New York, Eastern time, 3 p.m. Pacific time and 11 p.m. GMT, it will be time to see the future of PlayStation unveil.  No matter what you are doing, whether at work, at home or maybe travelling somewhere, I recommend that you tune in and watch it for yourself on IGN  (Too bad for those who are in class…however if you are maybe you will find a way!).

Here is the link;


Sony and PlayStation – The Teasers

Knowing all the excitement that is before them Sony have been teasing us.  Lets recap on what exactly they did;

Free Monday – For those who are lucky enough to already own a PlayStation console it may be very wise to check your inbox if you haven’t already!   PlayStation Network gave away $10 to its users (i’m so not jealous!) which they can spend on anything they like within the store.

PlayStation Vita Announcements – Sony Japan from out of thin air decided to tease an online streamed event, focusing entirely on PlayStation Vita, this event was held on 18th February at 5pm (Tokyo time).

What will the announcement unveil? 

Apart from the obvious, that being the latest gaming console(!), this is what I am excited to discover from the conference (in no particular order);

  • Games

As of yet virtually no games have been officially announced for this console, however the games that are announced will be crucial as from this we will gain an insight into what the console will be like.  Titles which have been rumoured for the launch are,  Killzone 4, Uncharted 4 and LittleBigPlanet 3 among others.  Highly anticipated are Destiny, Star Wars 1313, Watchdogs, Untitled Guerrilla New IP and Santa Monica New IP.

  • The Controller

Originally Sony seemed to be heading towards a screen and dropping the much loved dual-shock controller, however the recent prototype which appeared on the internet clearly showed controllers similar to the dual-shock, although it has been advanced. From researching numerous gaming sites they also mentioned a ‘share’ button, which may well allow gamers to take ‘screen grabs’ or video clips to post on a social networking site.  If this is proven true I know that there are some gamers who would take great advantages of this. Apparently we will also see for certain the touch pad as well.

  • Date and price

After the announcement Sony will have to inform the world of its several release dates and prices.  The rumour in England is that it will start from a somewhat reasonable £299.

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and do not forget to check the ‘Sony See The Future Announcement’ countdown a third of the way down this blog! Currently 9 hours to go! 


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Games released week of 11/02/2013

Over the past few days New York City and it’s surrounding areas such as New Jersey, Maine and even Canada have been affected by Snowstorm “Nemo“.   This blizzard has left a staggering 31.4 inches of snow in Gorham, Maine according to,  caused 4,300 flights to be cancelled which including all those to and from New York City airports, created 200 traffic accidents in Ontario, Canada and tragically claimed the lives of four people in the United States and Canada.

To anyone who is affected by this please be careful and take precaution.  Here in England it’s another rainy Sunday and no matter where you are there aren’t that many things which beats spending the weekend gaming.  Even if you can’t do that currently then there is always next weekend 😉  To some people this may be just another week however cheering things up it’s time to look ahead at the games being released this week.

Tuesday 12th February, 2013

                    PC Games
  • Curse of the Werewolves – Deluxe Edition – Viva Media
  • Aliens Colonial Marines Season Pass [Download] – DVG SEGA
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines – Sega of America
  • Aliens Colonial Marines (Collector’s Edition) – Sega of America

PlayStation 3

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines by Sega of America
  • Aliens Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition by Sega of America

Friday 15th February 2013

                    PC Games

  • SpellForce 2 Faith in Destiny Scenario 3: Last Stand [Download] by DVG Nordic Games – February 15, 2013.


This weeks best game – Aliens: Colonial Marines


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Disney Infinity


A few weeks ago, on 15th January 2013, Disney Infinity was announced to the world during an exclusive media event at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.  Set to be a new video game where a spark of imagination unlocks the freedom to play with some of your favorite Disney and Disney/Pixar characters.  This game wants to take us to infinity and beyond (pun definitely intended) so lets go and explore what this game is about.

Have you ever dreamed about writing your own story and having your favourite Disney/Pixar characters join together  and star in it?  This game can make that dream a reality. Disney Infinity, a third person adventuring mode, sees you accessing characters and environments by standing a series of chunky toys in different slots on the Infinity Base, this base is essential to the game as it allows the characters you have chosen to appear on screen before you.  With the characters you have chosen you can choose to either play in worlds native to the characters or make your own worlds.

The Infinity Base which allows characters to appear in the game

The Infinity Base which allows characters to appear in the game

It’s creativity and playfulness combined. If you’ve dreamed of ever having different Disney characters meet and explore their own missions then with good old Disney magic, this is a dream come true.  Personally for me what would be interesting to see is what characters it features and which ones they do not feature, for example can you have ‘The Beast’ from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ appear or have all the classic Disney characters unfortunately disappeared.

Characters in the world

Characters in the world

To play this video game to it’s full potential you will have to purchase additional features, there are power discs, playset pieces and hexagonal skin and item discs as well. The playset pieces unlock themed levels, the power discs which add buffs and abilities to characters when stacked underneath them, and the hexagonal discs allow you to unlock vehicles, items, wallpapers and give you even more to use when creating your own levels.  With each play set created to give you an estimated 15+ hours of game play this could be worth it.

John Pleasants, Co-President of Disney Interactive, says it is a “new interactive gaming platform.” He goes on to state, “Disney Infinity is not a single game.”

There will initially be 40 interactive pieces and 17 characters to collect, but additional pieces, sets, and characters will release over time.

  • The Disney Infinity starter pack will be $74.99(features the game, 3 figures, Infinity Base, Play-set token for three adventures (Monsters UniversityPirates and The Incredibles) and upgrade token.)
  • Other play sets/expansion pack will be $34.99(2 figures and a Play-set token for as yet unannounced franchises for launch)
  • Additional three-packs of figures for $29.99 (3 figures)
  • Individual figures for $12.99 (1 figure)
  • Power-disc pack for $4.99 (2 tokens in each foil pack but unseen before purchase)

If you purchased one of each of the above it will cost $157.95 (around £99.80)

We can't help but feel this is true

We can’t help but feel this is true

What you do in this game is up to you.  You can do a mission summoning a range of ‘prank’ devices to install at specific spots in a level, for example – things like call boxes which produce fly swats that knock characters around the map, or manhole covers that spring them into the air. Although each individual sets is reserved only for the specific characters whose worlds they draw upon. There will be no pirates around the plazas of Monster University and no superheroes on the deck of the Black Pearl.  Editing is all done without leaving the game world or switching to another mode which of course is a plus. You simply equip your character with a magic wand that lets them highlight and manipulate things. You can load in new texture packs and sky domes by stacking power disks onto the Infinity Base alongside your figurines. The entire process will feel pretty effortless which allows for smoother game play.

To view the Disney Infinity Trailer click on the link  

Infinity has been set for a June release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, PC, and mobile devices.

This 3 characters will be included in the starter pack

These 3 characters will be included in the starter pack

Game footage

Game footage

Possible characters available

Possible characters available

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Video Games: Benefits of Playing

 (catch up)

Only a couple days ago we posted a blog discussing the latest topic in the video game world, and also popular outside the video game world too, which is if the violence we see in video games does have an impact on us, the players.  For those who would like to read the post here is a link;

Video Games

The benefits

Full of strategy and strength, today, in this all new post, it is time to discover the reasons why playing video games are good for you.

  • They can help ease pain

Although you do not feel any pain direct (well at least we hope you don’t!) while playing video games there are two studies which prove just how video games can help the player to feel less pain.  The most recent study, conducted by Keele University (based in the United Kingdom) in 2012, shown that you can increase your pain tolerance by as much as an impressive 65% even if the video game is of violent content.

The other study,  was conducted by the American Pain Society.  In 2010 the society focused upon video games,  carried out the research by looking at what benefits playing a video game had on patients who are undergoing serious procedures.  This led to the discovery that when the patients are immersed in a virtual world, allowing them freedom, they became not only significantly less stressed but also less trepidation.  The study results also show a decrease of around 30 to 50% in pain for burn wound care patients.

  • You can become more creative

Remember as a child when you used to love playing with a cardboard box.  Although it was not just a cardboard box to you, it could become anything you wanted, whenever you wanted.  Such as a dragon or a secret hiding place leading into another universe.  One of my personal favourites was after putting up the Christmas tree my sister and I used to sit in the box it came in while our dad (poor guy) dragged it (with us in) around the living room.

Over time, having to adjust to the adult world, this creativity can unfortunately fade.  It is with playing video games that you can get this creativity back.  Although the study was initially done on children, there could be an pass into our adult like…and atleast telling someone you play video games to further you creativity will sound good right?!  Linda Jackson, professor of psychology and lead researcher on the project at Michigan State University discovered this.  In 2011, Entertainment Software Association revelaed that around 72% of American households play a video game.  She surveyed 491, middle school, 12-year-olds and then assessed how often the students used different forms of technology.  These included playing video games, internet use and mobile (cell) phone use.  The researches used mostly the ‘Torrance Test of Creativity-Figural’.  We believe this to be that, firstly, each child was handed the form of an egg shape on a blank sheet of paper, they then were required to think of a unique picture to could draw with this shape and write a story about what they had just drew. The second stimulus was a picture of an elf lying in front of a small pool of water, staring at its reflection, every child then had to answer a collection of hypothetical questions about it.  The results shown the relationship between video game playing led to the greatest creativity.

  • Better eyesight

Did anyone else used to get told as a child that eating carrorts would help to improve your eyesight and belive it?  I did.  Now,  thanks to the University of Rochester, New York, I and now you too, can inform them that a 2007  study discovered after just 30 hours of “training” on a first-person shooter, this can result in a significant boost to your spatial resolution (the ability to clearly see small, densely packed together objects).  If they want more convincing explain in 2009 a further study, conducted by the same university, found that players of action games can become up to 58% better at perceiving fine contrast differences. Guess Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell must have played many video games while he was younger.

“If you are driving at dusk with light fog it could make the difference between seeing the car in front of you or not seeing it,” Quoted by research leader Daphne Bavelier.

  • Boost self-esteem

Who needs to and watch the latest television show when playing the latest video game is better for you.  Three researchers, Dr Penny Sweetser, Dr Daniel Johnson and Dr Peta Wyeth,from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, made a discovery that playing video games can be more beneficial for a child than watching television.  Watching television is a passive experience (you just watch) whereas playing a video game involves the child and allows them to be active and involved in what they are doing. More than 92 per cent of Australian homes have at least one device for playing video games  Although the majority of children aged two to five exceeded government recommendations of a maximum of one hour of ‘screen time’ per day.  Analysing data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children the researches found children aged two to five spent, on average, some two to three hours watching television compared to less than a half hour playing video games.

Remembering that computer games are an  interactive experience, it is this research which shows this experience boosted children’s self-esteem, cognitive skills such as problem-solving and, in some cases, physical activity levels.

  • Become a faster decision maker  

After discovering that video games help to improve your eyesight the researchers at the University of Rochester, New York, decided to see what else you can improve by playing video games.  This time, in 2010, cognitive scientists discovered that while you play a video game, being more immersed in the game, instead of the world around you, can be a good thing.  Being involved in the game it helps to “develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on around them, and this benefit doesn’t just make them better at playing video games, but improves a wide variety of general skills that can help with everyday activities like multitasking, driving, reading small print, keeping track of friends in a crowd, and navigating around town.”  The research was carried out by playing 50 hours of video games over multiple weeks. It is important to note that it is fast action paced games, such as Call of Duty, which have this effect.

Other benefits include;

  • Tackle Mental Illnesses

  • Improve Motor Skills

  • Increase Social Activity

  •  Help the Elderly Avoid Serious Falls


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Hello fellow Pwnr

Welcome to the first ever Pwnrsmanual blog!

What is pwnrsmanual?

This is an extension of our website,, where we’ll post any additional topics, announce new features to our site and exclusive reviews to keep you ahead of the game!

Why the name?

We know some people may be wondering about the name and whether it means anything.  Firstly, we did think of many different names which related to gaming.  After much consideration we decided to go with this, ‘pwnrsmanual’.  If you are a ‘geek’ we hope you understand the name, if not, here is a short explanation.  In the world of video games, when typing for whatever reason such as writing in a forum, the way the word is written can alter from how the original word is written.    ‘Pwn’ means the word ‘own’, therefore ‘pwnr’ means ‘owner’. This is ‘pwnrsmanual’, which translates to ‘owners manual’.

2012 – A great year

Not only did we survive the end of the world (sorry..we couldn’t resist!), but games released in 2012 raised the bar yet again making everyone everywhere (well… at least us) excited to see what gaming will be like 12 months from now.   Is there room for games to improve after Assassins Creed 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Dishonored? Of course there will be!  For your chance to vote and have your say in what you think should be known as “the favorite game of 2012” please complete the survey at the end of this blog. It was not only games released in 2012 but also a launch of a new console.  The Wii U, Nintendo’s first console in six years, launched on 18th November in the United States of America, 30th November in Europe, and the 8th December in Japan.  Although, having mixed reviews, Nintendo can certainly celebrate;

Nintendo sold more than 460,000 Wii Us in December, which brings the console’s U.S. total to nearly 890,000 sold after 41 days in the market. In money terms, this equates to more than $300 million in the U.S. alone, which compared to the original Wii, means the Wii U has surpassed its predecessor by $30 million through its first six weeks.  For more information visit the Gameranx link below.

Unfortunately the start of 2013 has seen a sad end to the Play Station 2 (PS2) with Sony announcing on the 4th January that all production worldwide has ended. Although, after twelve amazing years it is known as the most successful home games machine of all time, selling no less than 150 million units sold worldwide.

Launched in 2000, the successor to the original PlayStation ended up with a library of more than 10,000 games titles by 2011, with 1.52bn individual games sold since launch. “At the height of the PlayStation 2’s success, the word effectively came to mean video games for a lot of people,” said Anna Marsh, a game designer who worked on Tomb Raider and Hitman.  For more information visit,

With all the hype surrounding Xbox at E3 last year (Electronic Entertainment Expo – an annual video game conference and show hosted in Los Angeles, California) maybe Microsoft will reveal a release date for the new Xbox 720 at the 2013 E3.  Maybe the new Play Station 4 from Sony will announce their release date. All that’s left do is wait until 11-13th June to find out!

In the meantime, please complete this short survey,, created by us so not only can we bring you more of what you want in the future but also announce your favorite game of 2012 and the runners up in a future blog post! Don’t forget to keep checking the website,, too.


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