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Hello everyone! ¬†Due to recent events in my life such as catching up with university work, going on holiday to Spain and starting a new job I haven’t be able to blog as much as I’d like ūüė¶ Here is a catch up of all the events which have happened within the gaming world recently just to catch you, and me up.

Game Developers Conference

25th to 29th March 2013 saw the Game Developers¬†Conference¬†(GDC) being held in San Francisco, California, to catch up in full visit the following link¬†¬† Companies who attended the event included¬†Blizzard Entertainment,¬†Microsoft,¬†OnLive¬†and many more! Sony did not attend this event, I believe they are saving the best for E3 later this year, TechRadar quotes “A room full of potential PS4 developers got a run down of the system’s architecture, design philosophy and online features. However, as local multiplayer fanatics, we loved hearing that the system will use its controller tracking to automatically swap split screen, should players rearrange themselves on the couch.” ¬†Personally it will be¬†interesting¬†to see what will become of this and how it works, if it goes well perhaps other developers will look into this in the future.¬†UMB Tech¬†Game Network have confirmed that¬†GDC 2013 attracted¬†23,000 attendees, the largest crowd in the show’s¬†history. Future game ‘Battlefield 4’ seventeen minute footage was leaked, the footage is shown below.

Electronic Arts¬†Boss¬†denied there is any link between video game content and “actual violence”

Video Games and Violence is a topic of personal interest and hype in the gaming world as many gamers know video games do not cause violence, here are links to my other blog posts which feature this topic and

John Riccitiello, the boss of EA voiced the thoughts of many gamers in which he says video games can instead be good and they do not cause for any gamer to become violent or take part in violent acts.

Disney cancel the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ game

Sad news for any fan of Star Wars and gaming¬†LucasArts has been closed by Disney.¬†Star Wars 1313 which had a demo at E3 in 2012 will no longer go ahead. This game was set to place¬†“players in control of a deadly bounty hunter as he uses an arsenal of exotic weaponry to hunt down his marks and uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy.” However LucasFilm spokesperson Miles Perkins, spoke to¬†BBC, saying production on Star Wars 1313 has simply been ‚Äúhalted.‚ÄĚ Therefor this game could still get the go ahead at some time in the future.



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Dates for your geek calendar! (Preview! Part 2)


August – 20th August will finally see the return of Sam Fisher. ¬†Published by Ubisoft, exclusively¬†for ¬†PlayStation3, Xbox360 and PC. ¬†From looking at the trailer this sees to be located somewhere in the Middle East. ¬†As appose to previous games where he has been based in America, for example Washington DC, or other locations on the globe. ¬†This time around he dons a new suit, while still focusing on the incredible stealth needed to complete all previous six Splinter Cell games. ¬†New ‘bad guys’ are back bringing with them a whole new meaning to the words ‘bad guy’ and ‘interrogation’. ¬†Could this new release date (pushed back from Spring 2013) hint towards when the two new consoles are to be released? ¬†Either October/November 2013.

Playing the game with stealth or at a more fast paced, action speed, the choice is yours.

View the trailer online here ->

September – Geek Event – Eurogamer Expo

The 26th to 29th of ¬†September sees London’s very own Earls Court transformed into Eurogamer Expo. ¬†In short this is the United Kingdom’s version of E3. ¬†Over 50,000 people attended Eurogamer Expo last year (source;¬† and this year the event promises to be even bigger. ¬†There are many different categories of what to expect at this event. After attending a ¬†tournaments or¬†developer¬†sessions you can head over and visit a gaming industry fair, (this is a must for anyone who is eager to have a career within the gaming world) or have a hands-on experience trying out many different consoles which include not only PC but handhelds as well.

As this is a major event we will post a special blog during the 26th to 29th of September to inform all our blog followers what is happening, so if you can not attend you will discover the latest news first.

You may be wondering which organisations are attending, for now this is being kept top secret.  With partners last year that included PS3, WiiU and Xbox 360 and supported by EA, Onlive and Ubisoft this will be a very special event.

Please note: ¬†As announced on the forum by the¬†Managing Director of Expo, there will be no ‘booth babes’ at Eurogamer Expo this year. ¬†For more information please see the forum link below at the end of this blog.


(more to come soon)


Prepare for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush!


(more to come soon)



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Dates for your geek calendar! (Part 1)


There are some events we simply cannot wait for at Pwnrsmanual. We’ve hunted them down and now we’re sharing them exclusively with you! With over 140 video games being released this year we’ve done our research and are bringing you what we believe will be the best game(s) that month, along with a small description. ¬†We will also feature some special events that you cannot afford to miss! ¬†So clear your calendar, add them to your diary and prepare for a great year!


DmC  Devil May Cry РThis dark gothic fantasy video game hosted by Capcom is due for release on 15th  January.  Is set to bring much needed improvement on the original Devil May Cry (released 7th Dec, 2001).  This game centres on Dante, who is non other than a half-human, half-demon vigilante who hunts and kills demons in order to save the human world from their treacherous attacks. Everything is not what is seems; expect head shots and zombie attacks!  (Rated M РMature Р17+) Available for XBox 360, PS3 and PC (through Steam, Origin and Gamestop).

To see the trailer click on the IGN: DmC link at the end of this blog.

If you simply cannot wait to start playing this game, or perhaps want to try it out for yourself before you purchase the game, then a demo is now available on Xbox live and the PlayStation network.


Dead Space 3 – This third person horror video game which is developed by Visceral and Electronic Arts (EA), will be released for Microsoft Windows (PC), PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 5th February for everyone in the United States of America and the 8th¬†February¬†for everyone in Europe (Rated 18). ¬†As the title may suggest, it is the third main installment to the ‘Dead Space Franchise’. ¬†This can only mean one thing for ‘Dead Space’ fans, Issac¬†Clarke is back for a third time! ¬†Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, Issac and John must put everything they know to the test if they want to stop the¬†apocalypse.

This time Issac brings a requested feature along with him. ¬†Finally, Visceral have made¬†weapon crafting¬†available. ¬†Weapons play a vital part in most video games and this one is no exception. ¬†You can now hunt for materials to make your own weapons with and create all important survival tools. ¬†It’s time to¬†comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts if we want to see an end to the¬†Necromorph plague.

Crysis 3 – Another game release in February for EA, this time they have partnered with¬†¬†Crytek, an award winning developer. ¬†This episode is set in New York where the year is¬†2047. ¬†In order to survive you need¬†¬†the armour abilities of your unique and ever reliable Nanosuit as well as stealth. ¬†In this first-person shooter the player becomes¬†Prophet, where power is everything and everyone is a target in his quest for retribution. ¬†It’s time to hunt on 22nd February. ¬†Available¬†for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.


After the excitement of New Years, and that holiday in February known as Valentine’s Day, you deserve a reward with not one, but three exciting games this month;

God of War: Ascension РWith exclusive features to unlock and multi-player, you can choose your own quest.  Aim for freedom and vengeance and discover the origins of Kratos as he aims to avenge, or you can seek your own glory in multi-player battles (limited to 8 players per battle).  Published by Sony, available for PS3.  Release date TBA.

Gears of War: Judgement –¬†Devolved¬†by Epic Games,¬†Gears of War: Judgment is an upcoming third person shooter video game. ¬†It is the fourth installment to the Gears of War series. ¬†Unlike many sequels to games where they develop more of the story, this instead transports you back to before the original. ¬†This the first Gears of War where¬†Marcus Fenix¬†and¬†Dominic Santiago¬†are not lead roles. ¬†The player dives straight into the action with¬†encountering¬†the immediate aftermath of Emergence Day (in fact, 30 days after). ¬†It brings not only a new¬†game play¬†element but also a new scoring system, where within each¬†separate¬†section of the game you have the chance to earn yourself three stars. The stars vary in colour depending on your score, and this helps you to unlock special content. Published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360 (Rated M). ¬†With a special bonus for worldwide fans who pre-order, we recommend doing so today so that you don’t miss out! Let the adventure begin on¬†19th March.

BioShock: Infinite –¬†Set in 1912 ¬†off the coast of Maine, Columbia, ¬†this installment is based on a floating city, unlike the underwater setting used in the two BioShock games previously. ¬†In this first-person shooter the player becomes¬†¬†Booker DeWitt, a private detective who’s main¬†goal is to find Elizabeth, a young woman who has gone missing in the floating city and return her unharmed. ¬†Irrational Games¬†have took it upon themselves to upload the first few minutes of this game onto YouTube (contains spoilers). For anyone who would like to see this¬†a¬†link is¬†available¬†at the end of this blog. ¬†From watching you can tell that this is an intense¬†story line¬†and another success for the BioShock franchise. ¬†It’s time to explore the strange new world. ¬†Available¬†for Xbox360, PS3 and PC (Rated M). ¬†NEW RELEASE DATE 26th March.

(Game Developers Conference 25th to 29th March 2013 hosted in San Francisco, California РXbox 720 and PS4 announcement?)


Injustice: Gods Among Us РBased upon the fictional although popular DC Comics universe, this is set to bring a new era to the already existing fighting games. Warner Bros. are keeping fans guessing as to exactly which characters will feature in this game.  The list includes Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Green Lantern and many more.  It is promised that the lines between good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice, will disappear as we see what many DC Comics fans eagerly love to watch; major fighting battles between their favorite superhero and super villain, or even superhero versus superhero.  Nothing will stand in the way.  Available for PS3, Xbox 360 and the WiiU. Release Date: 16th April, 2013.


The Last Of Us – ¬†Published by Sony and Naughty Dog¬†available¬†7th May is currently exclusive to PS3 (Rated 18). ¬†Set in the¬†post apocalyptic world there are three known¬†characters – our¬†protagonists, ¬†Joel,¬†Ellie¬†(who is¬†arguably¬†the central character)¬†and¬†Bill. There are also three known¬†enemies – the infected, the scavengers and the military. ¬†This game has sparked¬†controversy¬†by featuring a woman, the¬†character¬†Ellie, on the front of its design. While most people agree she has a right to be there some people still disagree and feel she should be ‘pushed to the back’. ¬†There will be both single player and multi-player modes. ¬†Within this game we can tell there has been a deadly virus, even though it may have been¬†20 years since a fungus has been on the loose, everyone is in the Quarantine zones as told by the military. Ellie has to escape her zone, and here is where the game begins!

June – Major geek event – E3

11-13th – ¬†E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is being held in Los Angeles Convention Center. Don’t worry if you are not a company/organisation/exhibitor, or if the $795 (increasing to $995 after 29/4/13) 3-day show floor pass is too expensive, you can view this event online in the comfort of your own home at

There are already 90 exhibitors including;

  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
  • CI Games
  • Disney Interactive
  • Electronic Arts
  • Epic Games Inc.
  • Gameloft
  • IGN Entertainment
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • NAMCO BANDAI Games America
  • Nintendo of America Inc.
  • OnLive
  • Sony Online Entertainment
  • Warner Bros. Interactive

Here at pwnrsmanual not only are we stoked for this event but we are sure it will not disappoint any gamer.  We will be hosting a special E3 pwnrsmanual blog during the 11 to 13th June so make sure you sign up to our blog to stay one step ahead and receive all the latest gaming news.


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