Xbox 720 Reveal Date


Ever since Sony shown off it’s latest console, the PlayStation4, to the world gamers, including myself, have all been wondering what will the Xbox 720 look like and just how Microsoft are going to respond.

Rumours have always been appearing on the internet however just like what happened before Sony lured gamers with the “see the future” event these rumours may start becoming truth.  There is no confirmation of the name, price, or release date Microsoft are being very quiet however we could be close.

21st May 2013

This is the date every gamer, Microsoft, Sony fanatic should be aware of.

“Windows watcher Paul Thurrott revealed recently that Microsoft is planning an Xbox event for May 21st, and we understand this date is accurate. This is the tentative date for a next-generation Xbox announcement, but Microsoft had originally planned an April 24th event.” According to The Guardian.

Companies such as The Verge, IGN also suspect a May release date which  will then benefit Microsoft by showing off their latest console just one month later at E3.

IGN quote that “Despite fears to the contrary, Thurrott also asserted in the podcast that the Xbox 720 will be a gaming device first and foremost, and will not attempt to serve as an entertainment hub for the living room. Supposedly another model of the console was originally planned to target that niche, but the idea has since been put on the back-burner.”

The Xbox720, who’s name may be changed, will hopefully focus more on gaming rather than an entertainment system,however download content such as movies may once again make the 720 an entertainment system. It is rumored to make use of Windows 8 and a separate unit set to appeal to the more ‘casual gamer’.

Interestingly it may have to be connected to the internet therefore being DRM, as quoted once by Thurrot,

“The thing that interests me, going back and looking at some of the stuff I got a long time ago, it actually says ‘must be internet-connected to use’ in the notes,” he explained, before adding, “And that’s all I have, but it does say that.”

This could be Microsoft way of exploring cross-platform opportunities which may eventually lead towards a phone and television set.  However this is another story.

Please remember as of yet there is no comment from Microsoft.



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4 responses to “Xbox 720 Reveal Date

  1. Very interesting. My son has a PS3 but wanted an XBOX. We’ve been waiting for the newest version to come out, so it sounds like maybe we won’t have to wait much longer. Thanks.

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  3. Great lil Xbox 720 write-up covering a lot of the rumor bases. I like how you mentioned some of the speculation, but focused just as much on the fact that they are just that, rumors, and NOTHING has been de-facto confirmed.

    It bugs me that so many rumors fly around and everyone wants to jump on it and report on it, even though they are just rumors. Of course, everyone wants a piece of the Xbox 720 hype-pie and that’s understandable, it’s also understandable that gaming press would report on the “news” which does include rumors. But I have chosen to take the stance of not reporting on these rumors on principle lol.

    I think most of what we are hearing now and have been hearing will churn out false. Remember how everyone was POSITIVE (with a capital P) that the PS4 would not play used games. Hell, they even had that anti-used-game technology PATENTED! Of course that turned out not to be the case, officially, and now it’s like everyone has forgotten. I think the same thing will happen with this “always-on” rumor and all these other negative rumors. I think Microsoft is smarter than that, I think they’ve seen the backlash, and they’ll reverse course… if that was the course to begin with. Remember how the PS3 was originally going to launch with a “boomerang” controller. Well they changed it after the backlash. It’s not official until it’s official. So I think we’re better off just sitting back until May 21st and hopefully we’ll be given some awesome surprises that will get everyone hyped up for the new machine. I personally can’t wait! 😀

    Good piece though!

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