Video Game Memes….whats not to like?!

From “Grumpy Cat” to “Forever Alone” everyone loves a good meme…well everyone I hang out with!  Don’t worry if “meme” (pronouced “meem”) is a new word for you, here is a quick explanation.   When done correctly, they are clever and amusing ways of viewing something you may or may not have seen before. They bring a new light to an idea or thought such as an image, quote or joke.   Most memes feature text located at either the top or bottom of the image, however it should be noted this is not a key feature for all memes.  The image in the meme can be anything from a movie scene to a road sign.  To define one simply they are the equivalent of commercials with popular jingles and slogans.

Here are some you may not be familiar with, so sit back, and enjoy some ‘Video Game Memes’.

I Am A Gamer

Another Perspective

It's DangerousOriginThe Legend of Zelda

This meme, taken from the popular video game, The Legend of Zelda, has inspired a numerous amount of copycat imagery. Drawing on inspiration  from the famous line uttered by the old man, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” Originally, it accompanied an image of a meowing kitten in hand and contained a rare file with programs within meant to ‘troll’, known as Dangerous Kitten.  Here we truly see a ‘dangerous’ kitten.

Video Games

Mass Effect Origin: Mass Effect 3

Based on the BioWare game, Mass Effect 3, the third sequel to Mass Effect, this meme cleverly portrays the controversial endings which sparked fan fury across the internet.  Based on three criteria’s, Mass Effect 3 decides which one of seven endings you will view based on the choice that you make in the final stretch of the game (criteria one) and your ‘effective military strength rating’.  It combines both your single-player ‘total military strength’ rating multiplied by a percentage (known as ‘readiness rating’) from any multi player games in which you have played, as well as the choices that you made throughout the game.  For a quick overview an ‘effective military strength’ of zero will give you the worst ending, and 4000+ will give you the best ending.  Even though this does sound like a variety it is important to remember that the endings do not vary much, hence the explanation of the meme!

Video Game Logic

Nice Everything You Have ThereOriginMinecraft

With this meme you may be aware of the situation. In the popular online game Minecraft (a game where you are alone on an island and have to make your new life and build supplies from scratch), TNT (trinitrotoluene) is a highly destructive block that, once activated, can create some very serious and harmful damage.  Minecraft players are committed to hours of hard work and devotion to building things, such as supplies or houses.  This meme plays on the effect of the hours of hard work the player has dedicated all being lost in a few short seconds.

Fus Ro Dah OriginSkyrim

If you are ever angry, annoyed, or want to confuse someone then why not try shouting this, “fus ro dah!”  No, it is not some made up words, it is infact known to every Skyrim player as the first shout that they learnt.  Apologies now if it causes any more further arguments…!


This clever Pokémon meme mimics the popular song lyrics, “I’m not gonna write you a love song” by replacing the words “write you” for a picture of the Pokémon ‘Raichu’. This is very clever due to the pronunciation of ‘Raichu’!

Video Game Logic

Let’s just admit we have all thought this would work in some way!

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