Games released week of 11/02/2013

Over the past few days New York City and it’s surrounding areas such as New Jersey, Maine and even Canada have been affected by Snowstorm “Nemo“.   This blizzard has left a staggering 31.4 inches of snow in Gorham, Maine according to,  caused 4,300 flights to be cancelled which including all those to and from New York City airports, created 200 traffic accidents in Ontario, Canada and tragically claimed the lives of four people in the United States and Canada.

To anyone who is affected by this please be careful and take precaution.  Here in England it’s another rainy Sunday and no matter where you are there aren’t that many things which beats spending the weekend gaming.  Even if you can’t do that currently then there is always next weekend 😉  To some people this may be just another week however cheering things up it’s time to look ahead at the games being released this week.

Tuesday 12th February, 2013

                    PC Games
  • Curse of the Werewolves – Deluxe Edition – Viva Media
  • Aliens Colonial Marines Season Pass [Download] – DVG SEGA
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines – Sega of America
  • Aliens Colonial Marines (Collector’s Edition) – Sega of America

PlayStation 3

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines by Sega of America
  • Aliens Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition by Sega of America

Friday 15th February 2013

                    PC Games

  • SpellForce 2 Faith in Destiny Scenario 3: Last Stand [Download] by DVG Nordic Games – February 15, 2013.


This weeks best game – Aliens: Colonial Marines


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Snow Day, Missions and Gaming


It’s a snow day here in the United Kingdom.

The Met Office have issused a rare ‘Red’ weather warning for Wales,

‘Amber’ warning for East Midlands, East of England, London & South East England, North West England, Northern Ireland, South West England, Wales, West Midlands and a

‘Yellow’ warning for Central, Tayside & Fife, East Midlands, East of England, Grampian, Highlands & Eilean Siar, London & South East England, North East England, North West England, North West England, Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, SW Scotland, Lothian Borders, SW Scotland, Lothian Borders, South West England, South West England, Strathclyde, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber.

While we understand this does cause distributions for most civilians, here at PwnrsManual we love the snow.  Ever since I was a child I’ve loved waking up in the morning’s opening the curtains and seeing the whole garden completely covered in snow.  My sister and I would dash outside to make a snowman and have a snowball fight.  Then returning to a warm house, drinking hot chcolate and admiring our (what we thought then was perfect) snowman for days.

If, like I do, you love then snow then, like you do in gaming you have been presented with an opportunity to complete, not just one, but two missions, if you are feeling adventurous


  • Go outside and play in the snow, build forts, make snowman, have snowball fights, just make sure you have willing participants, or even go sledging if you are near hills,
  • Or, use this time to stay inside, treat yourself to your favourite hot drink (here, it’s a Caramel Mocha) and play your favourite video game, or perhaps the latest addition to your video game collection. While occasionally looking out of the window admiring the snow.

Even if you are not in the United Kingdom then why not still treat today as if it is a snow day and play your favourite game.  I know I will be spending half my day outside in the snow and half attempting to complete ‘Splinter Cell: Convicition’.  The mission has begun.


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